Psychotherapy & Counselling in Finsbury Park and East Sheen

Often a crisis or major life event starts us thinking about therapy or counselling for ourselves. We can also choose therapy at any point in our lives. We may want to learn more about ourselves, gain greater clarity on our thoughts and feelings, improve the quality of our lives and relationships, or unburden, have someone to talk to and tell our story.

Therapy gives us the time and space – in a safe, supportive and confidential environment – to reflect on what works for us in our lives and recognise changes we might like to make.

Therapy gives us greater awareness of our emotions and our behaviours. With this awareness, we feel more in control of our lives, are able to make informed choices as well as recognising more options available to us.

Life is made of millions of moments.
We live only one of these moments at a time.
As we begin to change this moment, we begin
to change our lives.” (Quote by Trinidad Hunt)

Natasha 2014 (cropped)